Terms and Conditions

Public offer

1. Terms and conditions

1.1 These terms of sale (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") apply to all natural persons and

legal entities, who, through the Website Allelectronics.am (hereinafter referred to as “Website”

or “Shop”), order or purchase products (hereinafter referred to as "Product").

1.2 Before ordering any Products on the Website, every customer should read the Terms in


1.3 It is advisable to regularly review the possible modifications of the Terms which may be

made as a result of changes in the legislation of the Republic of Armenia or by our preference

and are subject to mandatory publication on the Website.

2. General provisions

2.1 When ordering any Products on the Website, customer (in the following text hereinafter

also referred to as “You”) sign a contract with "Edis" limited liability company (Current account

00917621, address: Yerevan, Tsarav Aghbyur str․, b. 55/17, ap. 50 Avan) (in the following

text hereinafter also referred to as “We”), by joining this public offer bearing all the rights and

obligations imposed on him. From now on, we and the Customers shall be deemed to be jointly

mentioned “Parties”.

3. Our products

3.1 Products placed on the Website correspond to their description, but can differ from their

image published on the Website as the image cannot express all the attributes of the product.

Before you order, learn the full description of the product on the Website.

4. How to Order

4.1 We accept orders from individuals or entities over the age of 18. Orders are delivered only

on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

4.2 You can make Your order on the Website without registering, filling out the necessary

electronic application (Form) or registering as a permanent buyer on the Website.

4.3 When ordering by the Website, you can choose the most convenient way for payment

through e-payment systems, with a bank card that you own or cash. After You complete Your

e-mail address and confirm it with corresponding button, We will accept the order.

4.4 After ordering and confirming the order, you authorize Us to deduct the value of the

Product from the electronic payment system or bank card as a payment for the purchased item.

4.5 We will confirm the acceptance of Your order by the e-mail You specified and / or the

appropriate Website communication. From the moment We send a Letter of Acceptance of the

order, the Contract between You and Us shall be deemed to be concluded fully, which shall

entail the rights and obligations set by the legislation.

4.6 We cannot guarantee the availability of all Products posted on the Website at the moment

of Your order. If after the ordering process it turns out that the Product is not available at the

shop at the moment, You will be notified about it by e-mail or a phone call. If You do not wish

to replace the Product with any other product, the amount You paid will be returned


4.7 In case of breach of Your Terms We will not ship the ordered product, and We will

completely refund Your previously paid amount. The return of money is carried out in the

period provided by the banking system.

5. Cost or price

5.1 All prices published on the Website are presented in Armenian drams. The shipping cost

may increase with the cost of the Product.

5.2 Prices published on the Website are valid on the day of Your order submission. The prices

may be changed at any time, but no later than after You have made an order. After Your order

has been confirmed, the price of Your purchased products and shipment will not be subject to


6. Payment

6.1 You may pay in any mode presented on the Website.

6.2 When confirming Your order on the Website We make the payment identification. If we do

not receive the payment in the prescribed manner, We have the right to cancel Your order.

7. Delivery and Delivery Costs

7.1 Delivery of Products is carried out only on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, at the

address submitted at the time of the order submission and confirmation.

7.2 The delivery is made on a paid or free basis.

7.3 After confirming the order, You will receive an order schedule and a special order code,

which is a combination of numbers and / or letters and the generated barcode.

7.4. Upon receipt of the Products from the dispatcher You will be presented with a device with

a screen on which You enter the code defined in the point 7.3 of the Contract or provide the

barcode to the dispatcher so that the latter can scan it. Thus, the fact of handing the Order to

the correct addressee is considered valid.

7.5 The Product becomes Your property after paying for it and receiving it.

8. The exchange or return of Product

8.1 The exchange or return of Product is carried out in the mode prescribed by the legislation of

the Republic of Armenia.

9. The Impact of Invincible Power (Force-Majeure) and Dispute Settlement


9.1 In the event of failure to fully or partially fulfill obligations of the Contract, the Parties shall

be exempt from liability if it was caused by the force-majeure which arose after the conclusion

of the Contract and which the Parties could not anticipate or prevent. Such situations are:

earthquake, flood, fire, war, declaration of martial law and state of emergency, political

upheavals, strikes, termination of communications, acts of state bodies, etc. which make it

impossible to fulfill obligations mentioned in the Contract. If the effects of extraordinary force

continue for more than 3 (three) months, each Party shall have the right to terminate the

Contract by informing the other Party in advance.

9.2. The Parties shall affirm that this Contract has entered into force on the basis of free will

and shall, within its reasonable limits, be within the reasonable and bona fide limits.

Consequently, the Parties agree to resolve any dispute arising out of or in connection with this

Contract, it’s implementation, interpretation or otherwise.

9.3 If the Parties fail to agree on a disagreement within two (2) months of the date of the

origin of disagreement, which is confirmed by a written request by either Party, the Parties

hereby agree that the disagreements shall be settled by the Commercial Court Arbitration, in

accordance with the legislation.


Refund and replacement terms

1. Refund and replacement of Inappropriate quality goods

 Every buyer, purchasing from our online store, has the right to return or replace the goods of inappropriate quality, if:

• The buyer will disclose that the delivered product does not meet the description provided on the website,

• Is damaged or has other defects.

 The buyer must check the external quality compliance of each purchased product at the time of the delivery of the product, in the presence of the carrier, by signing the delivery receipt submitted by the carrier. For this reason, please be careful and check the item in the presence of the carrier and demand a refund of the product in place if there are any defects, or a replacement of the product of the same or similar type.

When the merchandise is already shipped and the carrier has left, our shop is not responsible for any problems that may have arisen, except when the defects of the product are related to its functional work and are found during its use. In this case, you may make a replacement or return within 14 days of the delivery of the product.

The return or replacement of the product is carried out exclusively in the shop office and by presenting the receipt of cash register and delivery receipt, if the defects have been found out during the use of the product.

 In certain cases, when warranty service is offered for the product you purchased, the replacement and refund are performed in the warranty service place indicated on the warranty card and by the terms and conditions set forth in the warranty card.

2. Refund and replacement of proper quality goods

 Any goods purchased from the Website, except for the list of products listed below, can be returned or replaced within 14 days from the date of dispatch of the product, if the product and its packaging are safe, the product has not been used, the product appearance, consumer properties, seals , trademarks are preserved. To make a return, the buyer must return the product to the office and present proof of the purchased product, the cashier’s check and the receipt of his order.

In the event of a return or replacement of good quality goods, only the amount paid for the goods is returned, which is the value of the product, and the delivery is considered as a separate service for which the intended amount is charged.

3. The following products are not a subject to a refund:

 • Products, which are personalized,

 • Medical instruments, devices and apparatus, children's care products,

 • Products that interact with foodstuffs, including disposable (lunch and dinner utensils, containers for packaging and transportation of foodstuffs and packaging materials);

• Calculating, copying technical equipment, , electronic toys,

 • Personal hygiene means (toothpastes, shavers, epilators, hairdryers, hair curling gears, etc.)

• Digital mirror cameras and substitute lenses, disposable packaging products (in case of their violation)

• Soft, games, movies, music (recorded and video disks)

• Foodstuffs,

 • After the delivery, large household appliances are replaced only when they are in the factory packaging and have not been used and the buyer has braught them the shop on their own. In addition, any injury can be the basis for refusing the replacement of the product.

• other products defined by the Government Decree of 2002 of the RA.

4. Cash compensation

As a rule, the recoverable amount is refunded to the buyer within 5 business days after the product is returned to the office. The recoverable amount is refunded using the payment method used when ordering.

 If a refund is made in case of inappropriate quality goods, no additional retentions are made from the recoverable amount.


 If a refund is made in case of the return of good quality goods, besides the current tariffs for delivery of goods, the bank expenses of the shop related to the payment will also be retained from the reimbursable amount.